Domain Transfers

  To transfer an existing domain to a new registrar: 

two options:

click here to give your logins to a trusted person and let them take care of it


DIY: login to your 'old' registrar (I can give more specific directions if I know who you are transferring from) 

do three things...

  1. make sure your 'admin' contact is set to YOUR email address
  2. turn off domain 'locking' 

  3. get an authorization code - Some registrars display the authorization code in your account with them, while others email it to the admin email address upon request.

Go to your new registrar (such as RedCartSolutions registration) 

and purchase a 'domain name transfer' - being sure to set your 'DNS' or Domain Name Servers to "Keep the existing nameservers" ... during the checkout procedure if you already have a hosted website for your domain name -- (no matter where it is hosted)

go back to your admin email (which you verified in the first step) and follow the instructions in the email to authorize the transfer.



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