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It is very easy to add audio to your wordpress blog, and many sites make it sound more complicated than it is.  There are really five ways to do it:


First things first - do you have a file you can use?

Is the file in the correct format? 

You need an MP3, midi, or wav file to make the rest of this work. If you have an m4a file (from mac's Garage Band, for example) you need to convert it (or have it converted for you) into an MP3 for upload. If you have a mac or windows machine with iTunes you can follow these detailed instructions to do this in iTunes. If you are familiar with iTunes the graphic below may be enough to get you moving in the right direction.



If you have a windows machine a free converter such as the Free M4a to MP3 Converter will also work.

Save the converted file in a folder on your computer where you can find it for later steps.




Adding audio to an in-progress post




Is the correct format file (MP3, midi, or wav) on your computer

If not, read the section just above this one. 

If the answer is YES, open your Wordpress site, login, and create a new post. In your post, select the musical icon above the post. This will open an audio properties window. Click 'browse' and locate the audio file you wish to use. Upload it, add a tile, and click 'insert' - fill in the article with the rest of your information, and publish.


Is the file already online

If the file is already online (you uploaded it via FTP or via your wordpress blog already) you will instead choose 'from URL' and locate the file on your server --click Media Library from your choices in the Audio Properties box.. Click the title and 'insert'. The file will be added to your post.




Using your WP media dashboard

Upload files for later use

You can upload multiple files from your dashboard for use in later posts. Look for the 'media' tab in your dashboard (it may look different depending on your theme). 

Select 'Add New'



1 - drag-n-drop your files here: 

2 - use this method if drag-n-drop does not work for you

This may be the case if you do not have javascript updated correctly on your system. That is a whole-nother topic. :-)

3 - errors? Check your file size.

You may be able to save a lot of memory if you save your files in a smaller size to begin with - streaming audio is NOT better when if you need more memory for your files, read this article or ask me...I can help if your host *either* has FTP access enabled or a php.ini editor in the cPanel.


Embed a file from another site into your post


If this an HTML code or called an embed code then it will be copy and paste ...easy for you to install.

go get your code - in youtube it will look like this:

Write your post and type two ** where you want to insert your audio. To the left of your WordPress text editor you will see two tabs. One says visual -- that is where you are.

Click the one that says HTML. It will look a bit messy - don't worry, just look for the **  you typed in earlier. Highlight the ** and paste the code into the WordPress post, replacing ** with the code you copied.

Now click back to visual. You should see the player they created for your audio.


Let me know if I can help with either audio converting, editing or posting by clicking HERE



This is the FAQ for the wordpress standard audio plugin:




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